To provide you with your niche solution we offer either already existing platforms developed by Margasoft or customized solutions meeting your core business needs.

Platforms for Business Automation

We are determined to provide faster time-to-market solutions tailored to your specific needs rather than to write a custom code from scratch inevitably. Margasoft has proprietary platforms MICMA and DataPlay that have all the industry standard features and flexibility to allow customization for your unique data and processes.

Margasoft Integrated Corporate Management Application is a highly configurable enterprise application, designed to boost the efficiency of our clients by helping to streamline and manage large flows of classified and interconnected data.

DataPlay Platform is an integrated suite of intelligent and user-friendly applications designed to automate data management, analysis, and reporting. DataPlay offers a ready-to-go solution which can be customized according to your needs.

Need to Customize Your Solution?

Create a bespoke CRM software solution that fits your precise business needs for today and tomorrow. Our expertise enables us to build CRM solutions which increase ROI and bounce client retention rate. Margasoft CRM drives vast improvements in the effectiveness of your organization- including sales, automation and synchronization, marketing, customer service and technical support.

ERP software is used to manage internal and external resources of an organization. Margasoft ERP integrates all aspects of an operation in a single database, application and user interface. It includes product planning, development, manufacturing, sales, and marketing, analysis and reporting process automation. We offer customized ERP available on-premise, hosted, or in the cloud as SaaS to meet your business specific needs.

Our BI solution is built to give perspective on your business operations and to automate the manual and time-consuming work. It transforms unstructured business data from the internal source into reportable datasets and visualizes the information into graphs, charts, and tables. Our BI solution helps you in your business analytics and predictions more smartly and quickly.

Margasoft has substantial experience in creating unique and fast CMS solutions which are user-friendly, have rich functionality and are customizable to your needs. Our CMS will not only reduce the need to code from scratch but will also allow you to create your content management system quickly, make SEO-friendly URLs and manage the edit permission in your company departments. Minimal server requirements will be needed to build a CMS.

Connecting Margasoft built AI solution with your day to day activities you will empower your business growth by minimizing labor and infrastructure cost. AI recognizes, predicts or optimizes complex patterns of the significant amount of data. With the help of Artificial Intelligence solutions, you can get high-quality object-oriented neural nets, genetic and traditional search algorithms, knowledge-engineering methods, as well as some conventional types of data analysis.

Having built real-time dashboards for various industries, we know that to get the most out of the software our customers often cannot get by with using a generic Dashboard. Our team is ready to partner with you to develop a real-time dashboard tailored to the unique data needs of your company. Also, Margasoft has powerful proprietary analytics - DataPlay - which can be easily configured for your specific needs.

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