Margasoft assists attorneys with time-keeping, billing and invoicing, the sending and receiving of emails and documents, as well as provides an online communication system which maintains lawyer-client privilege while controlling client's data.

Legal Software Development Services
Healthcare Software Development Services


Margasoft provides a wide range of services, from consulting to developing a new fully compliant system for integrating it with your hardware and software and guiding you through all the certification processes. Moreover, we can assign a unique CPT code to each service, procedure or a lab test. Margasoft considers all regulatory requirements and delivers systems that are secure and fully compliant with HIPAA, CCHIT, and other compulsory standards and regulations.



At Margasoft, we help clients meet those increased expectations and raise the bar across the industry by designing and deploying smart custom-tailored technology systems. With Margasoft financial institutions gain real-time ownership of their sizeable multi-channel transaction data. Our ability to quickly scale up the processes across the entire system allows financial institutions to promptly respond to external and internal changes, such as mergers and acquisitions, management, and staffing changes, or interest rate fluctuations.

Financial Software Development Services
Media & Entertainment Software Development Services


Whether you’re a publication and advertising house, music company, broadcaster, cinematography house, casino or another type of Media and Entertainment business, our software offers solutions specifically designed to manage the challenges faced in your industry. Margasoft is highly specialized in providing software solutions tailored to the needs of M&E industry. The core area of our expertise in designing, developing and supporting solutions that help our clients succeed.