Margasoft is a software development company
that builds uniquely tailored
business process management software

Who We Are

We are software technology experts who work with their customers as true partners to understand their business processes and build software solutions tailored to their specific needs. We make sure that the software solutions we provide are perfectly matched to their preferences, as well as long-term and short-term business goals. Providing quality software solutions and services is our backbone.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Empower every business with uniquely tailored software

Our Mission

Our Mission

Be a trusted technology partner in business process automation

Our values

  • Quality
  • Efficiency
  • Result

The high-quality final product and customer satisfaction are the only standards for measuring our success. This is why we apply the expertise and integrity of our software engineers to provide quality software solutions. In the process of building our software, we emphasize the control over operations, risk minimization and the latest methodologies and technology trends to guarantee you the best value for your money.

As a team, we share and value collaboration, creativity, dedication, and perfection. A skillful, professional and well-organized team is the key to developing high-quality products, so our team is our core value. We motivate and reward our team for their investment and commitment, creating a friendly, open and trusting relationship. Our professionals' ideas are heard, and they are given the freedom and motivation to create.

We have an open and transparent relationship with our customers. Together with our experts, they form one team that shares a general goal. Even though our development team supervises the main development processes, we want our clients to become part of the project, and feel the inner culture of Margasoft. It might be hard, but it helps us reach the higher level of understanding and ultimately find the best solutions for your specific needs.

Our Team

We understand that the single most important
asset in the software development business is People

  • What do you think about the management?

    I don't feel like I have a boss. Managers are very friendly; they help me be successful every day.

    Vruyr Karapetyan Senior Software Developer
  • How frequently do you receive recognition from your manager?

    Well, very frequently. Also, we have monthly one-on-one evaluation meetings, this is when we consolidate monthly progress, and I feel my efforts are recognized.

    John Rosenberg Senior Market Research Analyst
  • Do you believe you'll be able to reach your full potential here?

    Absolutely. I am valued both by my team and my lead, I see my skills evolving and my motivation growing.

    Meline Arshakyan Project Manager
  • Would you reapply for your current job?

    That’s a good question! I was employed as a junior specialist, I have been promoted twice since then, so yes, of course, I would apply again!

    Armen Sargsyan Senior Software Developer
  • Do you believe the leadership team takes your feedback seriously?

    You can always see how it works in action, as our HR team processes every feedback immediately.

    Alison Tanaka Market Research, Insight and Analytics Executive
  • What three words would you use to describe Margasoft’s culture?

    Respectful, exciting and supportive.

    Vahagn Nahapetyan Software Development Team Lead
  • Do you feel valued at work?

    Every single day. My ideas are valued and efforts as well.

    Ray Saleem Business Excellence Leader
  • Do you have fun at work?

    Communication is essential for us, we love to share a good laugh together, and we enjoy working with each other.

    Sarah Dukes Business Development Manager
  • What keeps you motivated?

    Margasoft gives us everything to be motivated. I love my job and environment.

    Ani Sarkisian Front-end Developer, Web-designer
  • What do you especially like in working at Margasoft?

    There's always something new to learn. I like both the leadership and management, as well as the benefits we get. Our whole benefits package is great.

    Nancy McDonald PMO Manager
  • Do you feel like Margasoft protects its employees from discrimination?

    I have been working here since 2016 and through all this time have seen no discrimination towards the employees. Margasoft invites everyone - regardless of gender, ethnicity, race, and religion - to apply to us for a job.

    Jennifer Moore Business Analyst
  • How do you keep your team motivated?

    We create a work environment and organizational culture that fosters employee motivation and engagement. And, what is more important, I love and enjoy what I do and that’s a good example for my team.

    Lilith Vanesian Head of Business and Product Development

We value people's talents and dedication to work, and we invest in our team. We know that being appreciated and rewarded is the number one motivating factor for our team, and we make sure it is. As a result, what we have is a better, stronger team.

Our team in Margasoft is open to opinions and diversity and that is what makes us unique. As an international team of professionals from different locations in the world and different approaches to tasks, we manage to bring out the best of these approaches.

We find bright individuals, educate them and make sure Margasoft is an exciting and comfortable place to work.

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We Have Some Noticeable History

... And the best is yet to come!

Our Clients

The reason we have acquired so many clients over the years is in our approach to deliver enhanced and holistic solutions ensuring the best possible outcome for our customers.

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Why Us

We provide a flexible, affordable and end-to-end solution with further support and maintenance.
Our team joins your development processes at any stage, whether it's consulting, development or support.

Our development team is passionate about staying ahead of the technology curve and utilizing the newest tools.
We can work with virtually any technology stack, from HTML to C# and everything in between and out of that.
Our all-inclusive business software solutions can also scale as large as you require.
No matter the platform or programming language, we can accommodate your needs.

Our Advantages
  • Single-vendor solution – Integrated analytics and comprehensive work-flow management solution on a single, unified platform.
  • Flexible – integration and assurance of the security exchange of data between all systems used within the community.
  • Affordable – Multiple system functionalities on desktop applications or cloud with the ease of use of a single system.
  • Value – Improving the quality of daily operations, quality of management, and reduced costs across your sector continuum.
Technically Speaking
  • High-performance architecture with Microsoft® SQL Server®
  • Nine secure SAS70/SSAE16 co-location data centers, located strategically throughout the US
  • Fully redundant server infrastructure resulting in a 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • 24 x 7 x 365 performance and security monitoring of all data centers
  • Private Cloud – No co-mingling of data guarantees high performance – even during peak usage periods

If you are looking for a career growth and the next step toward success, Margasoft is the right place for you!

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