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7 Top tech jobs of the future

A career in the tech industry is not for the fainthearted. Not when the industry evolves at such blinding speed, and there’s still no sign of stopping. Professionals need to be diligent in picking up qualifications and skills to take on these top tech jobs of the future.

1. Data Scientist

Big data is more than a buzzword. It’s the reality of how companies have and will continue to compete in the future. To out-maneuver competitors, companies rely on the insights derived from data collected through various infrastructures, and that’s where a data scientist is sorely needed.

To qualify as a data scientist, one would need to hold a professional degree in computer science, statistics, mathematics, or related disciplines. Besides, he or she needs to be detail-oriented and able to spot trends from the figures and charts acquired.

2. Mobile App Developer

In 2018, 71% of internet traffic in the US originated from a mobile device. It is an upward trend that cannot be ignored by any businesses. Mobile apps have evolved beyond a digital tool. Instead, they are an effective branding technique and a means for sustained interaction with customers.

Whether it is the iOS or Android platform, professionals with apt programming and troubleshooting skills for mobile devices stand a chance in thriving in this highly demanding job.

3. Cybersecurity Engineer

The internet is only as safe as the imagination. Malicious hackers and underhanded competitors may resort to underhanded tactics to manipulate business data for their advantage. Businesses that take cybersecurity for granted often courted troubles and losses in both finance and reputation.

Cybersecurity engineers will play a more important role as the world is getting more interconnected. Candidates vying for the job need to be well-informed and stay ahead of the cunning tactics employed by unethical hackers.

4. Web Developer

A website is more than hasty put-on information of a company. As internet users are expected to hit 6 billion in 2022, and businesses that neglect the well-being of their websites are on the losing end. Websites symbolize brand communications, apart from providing services and information to the customers.

The prospect of a web developer depends on how well he or she can balance both the science and art of creating a website. There will be an increasing demand for responsive, intuitive websites, with efficient underlying business process mechanism.

5. DevOps Developer

While the IT community attempts to define ‘DevOps' accurately, it is undeniable that the trending buzzword implies the need for efficient collaboration between developers and IT staff. Software development firms recognized the need for a more inclusive and leaner approach to software development and hence, the aptly titled DevOps developers.

A DevOps developer needs to be well-versed in the Software Development Lifecycle and ensures that both developers and IT support are on the same page when it comes to the deployment process.

6. AI Developer

Whether it’s a talking fridge or an intelligent algorithm that provides the edge to a business’ strategy, AI is giving a glimpse into the future. But the challenge in the industry is the lack of skilled AI developers to incorporate machine intelligence into various applications.

Computer science professionals stand a great chance transitioning into this in-demand job by polishing their algorithm, statistics, and mathematical knowledge. Of course, it helps when they are blessed with a creative mind.

7. VR/AR Developer

Has VR saturated? Is AR taking off after all? While tech enthusiasts engaged in heated arguments, there’s no question that the future is bright for these technologies that blur the boundaries of the physical and virtual world.

Bearing a VR or AR developer title assures a considerably comfortable salary. But to get there, one would need to adept in using the SDKs and engines used to deliver vivid and mesmerizing 3D object viewed by the VR/AR headsets.

Are you well-prepared to flourish in these top tech jobs of the future?