China's facial recognition
The fundamental of facial recognition is to capture the image of a human’s face on a camera and compare the facial nodes against a number of records in the database.
The biggest tech scandals of 2019
These scandals have affected millions, and the dust has yet to settle in 2019.
How Our Clicks Are Shaping Elections. The Impact of Data Analytics on Politics
Gone were the days when election campaigns are executed by communicating the same political message to groups of audiences across demographics. In 2008, Obama demonstrated how data could be leveraged to win elections. The feat was repeated in 2012.
Technology predictions for our world in 2050
The evolution of the internet shows the unlimited potential of technologies, and that 30 years is a relatively short period for humanity. It isn’t impossible to predict how technologies will transform the world in 2050.
7 Top tech jobs of the future
A career in the tech industry is not for the fainthearted. Not when the industry evolves at such blinding speed, and there’s still no sign of stopping.
The impact of augmented reality on people
Augmented reality is changing multiple aspects of our life, and the impact will be more prevalent in the future.
Business Intelligence Market Is Booming by 2025
The global Business Intelligence market is valued at $15.64 billion in 2016 and is expected to achieve $29.48 billion by 2021.