CRM Solution

Indispensable Customer Relationship Management solutions for your customer oriented company

We have been implementing CRM solutions for our clients for ages now, helping them put their customers at the heart of the business strategy. Our approach is individual, based on an automated and centralized system.

How We Will Help

Automate Your Process

Wasting your time on manual inputs and management is no longer needed. Reach the highest level of Customer Relationship Management process via automation and achieve your goals faster with a smart CRM Solution.

Enhance Your Team Communication

Refine the efficiency of your entire organization with the automated and synchronized data and communication flow between sales, marketing, customer service and technical support teams.

Meet and Exceed KPIs

Set metrics and track your progress in each step of the automated CRM process to face the benefits of increased ROI and bounced client retention rate.

We Offer a Bunch of Useful Tools!

Contact Management

Centralize and organize your contacts into groups, easily access and manage them in any context that you see a fit.

Customer Opportunity Management

Keep track of all the opportunities that your sales team has and dynamically locate the customers that are most likely to convert.

Lead Management

Determine the most suitable customers to follow up with based on the demographic and psychographic factors.

Marketing Management

Organize lead lists, automate and integrate with your SMM, Web Analytics and other marketing platforms and manage your data from a single UI.

Campaign Management

Manage your entire marketing campaign from within a single platform. Create unique workflows for each campaign and compare the efficiency.

Phone and Email Integration

Manage and maintain all your communication directly from CRM, send emails, chat, provide customer support and control call center activities.

Real-time Support from Margasoft

Get a real-time 24/7 support and guidance from our experienced technical professionals and business analysts.


Create customized reports and dashboards, analyze and compare different campaigns, set KPIs and keep track of your business.

File Storage and Sync

Store your data and files, synchronize and centralize the information coming from any outside programs to easily access and use them.

Sales Data Management

Organize and store your sales and customer data in manageable and easily sortable groups.

Support Automation

Enhance your support process with automatic replies or generic messages.

Mobile Interface

Access and use CRM from any device using CRM mobile application.

API and 3rd Party Integrations

Extend the capabilities of the CRM software by integrating it with your current applications.


Control the user interface of every user with the help of Role-based authentication.

We are ready to build your own automated solution!

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