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Create and manage digital content with a solution to your specific business needs.

Margasoft-built CMSs have common and industry-standard features like publishing, format management, history editing, indexing, search, user authorization, notifications, and data centralization.

CMS is often an open source application, however, having a specific content management system of your requirements would be a competitive advantage. Margasoft is experienced in creating unique and fast CMSs which are user-friendly, have rich functionality and are customizable to your needs.

Manage Your Content with Us!

Intuitive Indexing, Search and Retrieval

Index all your data through an intuitive search function. This item concerns not only to a specific keyword-search but also to publication dates, users, or projects.

Format Management, Revision and Publishing

Turn your scanned papers to HTML or PDF documents, and your content is editable after initial publication. You'll get a history of changes made in files and documents. Besides, the template storage helps you make publications with no deep skills in designing.

Group-based or Single-user Authorization

Choose which employees or departments can access information in your databases, it can also be controlled by content hierarchy functionality. This process is especially critical for companies with various departments and a massive flow of data.

One-to-one Marketing

Tailor content and advertising to your user's specific characteristics using information provided by him or gathered by the site. Help them see ad banners that are 95% of your interests.

User-Friendly Admin Panel

The well-designed and easy-to-navigate panels and boards help to find the buttons or features you want to implement at once. Besides, multiple language support admin panels and discussion boards are provided for the users to chat about any problem and find a core solution by teamwork.

Create and manage your digital content with Margasoft

Margasoft has extensive experience in building custom CMS solutions for companies of a variety of industries. By learning your specific business processes , we will be able to take your business to the next level. Margasoft CMS will not only reduce the need to code from scratch but will also allow you to create your content management system quickly, make SEO-friendly URLs and manage the edit permission in your company departments. Minimal server requirements will be needed to build a CMS.

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