DataPlay automates data management, analysis, visualization, and reporting.

DataPlay enables users to analyze and visualize data from different sources, automate presentation generation and collaborate effectively. When providing solutions based on DataPlay Platform, we aim to minimize the need to alter the existing business processes; instead, we are ready to customize and cover all of your requirements.

Dataplay Cloud


Web Portal

Integrated project management, dynamic data authorization and impressive web charts.


Excel Add-In

Excel Add-in empowers data connected visualizations and statistical analysis within the native environment.


PowerPoint Add-In

Automated generation of hundreds of slides, universe tables, data management and custom charts.


Play Your Data!


DataPlay simplifies your analysis for any dataset by capturing and reusing your thought process. Refreshing on-the-fly cross-tabulations with new data is a matter of one click. Build your story and discover the hidden patterns as you play with the data.


Visualizing your raw data with beautiful and compelling charts is essential for storytelling. Automate, calculate and visualize data with the help of data-bound customizable charts in your presentations. Impress and deliver the essence of your story to the pickiest audience.


Invite your viewers to interact with your story and slice-and-dice the visuals to their needs. Your clients will love the complete package with raw data, tables and analysis artifacts during your workshops. DataPlay powered presentations can be played on any device!



Margasoft Automation
  • Data-Bound Charts are Refreshed when Data Changes
  • Generate Hundreds of Slides with Templates, Loops, and Filters
  • Sorting Rules Make Creating Top-Boxes a Breeze
  • Smart Association Mining Toolset
  • Dynamic Data Filtering Algorithms
  • Advanced Data Mining Tools
  • Rich Statistical Analytics and Modeling
  • Robust Sorting and Grouping Rules
  • Integrated Project and File Management
  • Custom Branded Web Portal for Client Access
  • Industry Standard Editing and Designing Functions
  • Enhanced Team Collaboration with All Stakeholders
  • Interactive Authoring and Storytelling
  • Dynamic User Access and Role Management
  • Native PowerPoint and Excel Components
  • Comprehensive and Intuitive Interface
Dataset Management
  • Convert SPSS, IBM Dimensions, Excel, U-Tab, etc
  • Connect to Live Data (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, XML, JSON, etc.)
  • Create Custom Data Adapter for Your Proprietary Format
  • Advanced Variable and Category Management
    (Merge, Split, Re-code, etc.)
  • Batch Data Manipulation with Filters and Rules
  • Dataset Merge and Union
Margasoft Automation
Security and Safety
  • Sandboxed Instances Guarantee 100% Isolation
  • Cutting Edge Encryption of In-Transport and On-Premise Data
  • LDAP Integration with Password Policy Support
  • Segregated Permission Based Data Access

DataPlay is Here to Empower Analysis and Reporting!

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