AI Solution

Let your systems learn and think like humans!

Margasoft-built AI Solution Recognizes, Predicts and Optimizes
Complex Patterns of a Large Amount of Data

Get high-quality object-oriented neural nets, genetic and traditional search algorithms, knowledge-engineering methods, as well as some traditional types of data analysis (e.g. transforms, smoothing, linear or nonlinear regression).

No matter in which industry you are, whether it is BIg Data, Analytics IT Technology, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Customer Service, Education, Mobile or anything else, Artificial Intelligence is always a right solution to grow your business.
Connecting Artificial Intelligence with day-to-day activities empowers your business growth by minimizing labor and infrastructure cost. In many cases, AI can self-fund within the first few months of deployment.

At Margasoft we can help you either build a stand-alone solution, such as software to support decision making or embedded within other systems.

Margasoft has been developing AI tools for more than five years. Embrace change and gain a competitive edge with our AI solutions. Margasoft’s AI technology automates repetitive tasks within business applications. There's no stopping AI Software. Become a part of an AI boom.

Tracking, Prediction and Recommendation

finance, genetics, games, behavior


Movement, Decision Making

Situational and Threat Analysis

Medical Diagnostics, Patient Treatment and Therapy Management

Pattern recognition

Identity Systems


non-player character behaviors

Automated customer service and management

Business and Industrial process automation

Bioinformatics tools and databases

Cognitive assistants to humans

Voice Recognition and Computer Speech

Let's make your solutions human-like!

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