Software QA & Testing

Avoid further business risks and be sure your systems are running in the right direction!

Software QA & Testing

To reveal potential issues with the project documentation, we start testing at the early stages of the development. We always run a detailed QA test before the launch to ensure the best quality of the result.

Testing Services

We offer full-range software testing services such as functional and automated testing, consulting within approved time and budget. Thoroughly considering customer requirements, we develop and suggest a relevant testing strategy to ensure deliverables in line with projections. Our team of QA engineers prepares test documentation, delivers detailed reports, embeds an SDLC model and automates testing processes on demand.


Our Experts

We select experts based on their expertise and technical background in your specific industry and solution. This approach guarantees a profound grasp of your business and industry-specific challenges above technical ones.

Our Teami

Lifecycle Models

To optimize QA and testing time, we adopt different lifecycle models depending on your company requirements, software specifications and industry-specific needs. We utilize various efficient methodologies including and not limited to Agile, AgileBut, Waterfall, and Scrum.


QA Testing Tools

Blackbox Testing

Our blackbox testing specialists are experts in providing you with quick testing solutions before the release of your software. We generate reports by quick analysis and go/no-go testing.

Whitebox Testing

We provide detailed QA services which include finding the bugs, pinpointing their area and location. Whitebox testing also minimizes fixing costs.

Top Tests

  • Functional or Manual Testing
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Performance: Load, Stress, Concurrence & Performance
  • Installation & Configuration
  • UI Testing: GUI, Usability, Cross Browser
  • Security Testing
  • API Testing
  • Data Migration Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Unit & Continuous Integration Testing

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