Data Migration

We design rigorous validation checks in each step of the migration process to ensure data consistency.

Margasoft Data Migration service is designed for highly confidential, large, sensitive, mission-critical systems and databases. We have SOPs, certifications, and training to treat classified data competently. Margasoft-certified professionals are aimed to migrate all your essential and compulsory data with no harm to it.

Matching Your Migration Needs

Database Migration

Whether you need to upgrade your database version, move your server, or switch to an entirely different DBMS, our experts are trained to identify the system gaps and to cover those gaps during the migration. After we finish the Migration, we check all dependent systems and make sure they work correctly.
* See the list of specific databases in our Technologies page

Application Migration

We identify, migrate and validate each component of application individually. Then we integrate the elements and run system-level validation checks to make sure the app is migrated in its entirety. This process overcomes the biggest challenge of the application migration process - migrating tightly coupled components without breaking the ties.

Moving to Cloud

Data integrity, consistency and security are essential when migrating to the Cloud. Our professionals specialize in Amazon Web Services (EBS, S3, Route53, EC2, etc.), Microsoft Azure(Cosmos DB, HDInsight, ExpressRoute, DNS, HockeyApp, etc.), Rackspace, Google Cloud, and many other cloud service providers. We implement a Cloud migration approach which is risk-free, aimed to improve your cloud security within minimum time.

One of the essential factors in Big Data Migration is speed. We make sure to estimate accurate delivery time and speed up our processes via part-to-part migration. This approach aims at not hurting your everyday operations.

Our Data Migration Process
is Easy to Understand!

  • • Gaps Identification
  • • Transformation Logic
  • • Cross Validation Checks

Every step of our migration is automated with scripts. Due to our automation rules, we rerun migration anytime and avoid wasting time on double processing. In case of massive datasets, we divide the whole process into smaller steps. Our verbose automation logs make the execution transparent and easy to implement further migration rules. By a successful partnership with Disaster Recovery companies for more than a decade, we make sure to compress your data before migrating to reach maximum performance. Afterward, we transfer your data to isolated, private resources.

To migrate data with no disruption to your business operations, contact us!

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