Healthcare Software Development Services

Raise your business quality and reduce operating costs by creating a unique healthcare software solution with us.

We offer a full package of consulting, designing and development services to create cutting-edge technology solutions for your healthcare world while perfectly meeting your unique business needs.
Our solution helps to handle the risk while the software and your data go through a proper verification and validation. Our experts deliver a solution which is unique with its usability, reliability, and productivity, ensuring there are no constraints on your business processes and workflows. Our software increases the efficacy and accessibility of healthcare services. We provide the necessary tools for any emergency situation.

Healthcare Software Development Services

Margasoft considers all regulatory requirements and delivers systems that are secure and fully compliant with HIPAA, CCHIT, and other compulsory standards and regulations.

Full List of Industry Standards and Regulations

Companies We Serve

  • Hospitals and Health Care Providers
  • Medical Device Manufactures
  • Biotechnology companies
  • Laboratories
  • Health Insurance Providers
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Technology Vendors
  • Contract Research Organizations

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Manage Patient Record with EMR & HER by Margasoft

Margasoft-built Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solution allows the patient information to be shared within one healthcare organization, whereas Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution enable health-related records sharing across multiple organizations. Our expert team builds and assists in EHR system integration with sophisticated features through which you can quickly create, store and organize electronic medical records, including patient charts, electronic prescriptions, lab orders and evaluations, also access patient demographic information, clinical data, medical billing, and much more. Margasoft uses industry-accepted formats, standards, and protocols to ensure that your new solution is seamlessly integrated with your software and hardware products, be it your practice management system, external laboratory system, insurance provider system, or your medical equipment. Our experience includes integration with already existing EHRs (through their Web service APIs or using HL7 (Health Level 7) or DB schema).

Our EHR solutions cover the essential areas based on Meaningful Use regulations, including:
  • Patient records management (demographic and medical data)
  • Office visit management and scheduling
  • E-Prescribing
  • External laboratory and EMR integration by supporting multiple medical formats (HL7, CCD, CCR, etc.)
  • Reporting system, etc.

Medical Billing

Medical software solution to minimizing errors

We develop software solutions that support electronic eligibility and benefits verification by smoothly integrating with billing systems. With this solution, you will know the exact amount to charge the patient and rest assured that the insurance claim will not be rejected. Our team enables to handle all the operations in compliance with ANSI 5010 standards which will also increase the usefulness of transactions, such as referrals and authorization. We also use National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI) industry accepted tools for minimizing coding and billing errors. Our medical claim review programs include MR, NCCI Edits, MUEs, CERT, and Recovery Audit Program.

Our expertise covers all XML/EDIFACT transactions for implementing:
  • Medical billing text files decoding
  • Capitation computation
  • Eligibility and benefits verification (in real-time or by batch)
  • Claims submission and status inquiry
  • Paper claims
  • Payments and transactions management
  • Patients statements generation and management

Custom Software for Pharmaceuticals and Biotech Companies

Custom pharmaceuticals and biotech software solution by Margasoft

We offer technologies to use Artificial Intelligence solutions, employing data visualization and analytics to facilitate and accelerate the discovery process, conducting your research faster at a lower cost.
Margasoft-built custom software solutions are tailored to assist you in your day-to-day operations, sales and marketing efforts and in R&D projects. Our CRM solution helps to engage and influence potential customers within your network instantly, gather instant feedback and integrate with other systems including Medical Billing Solutions, Laboratory Information Management System, etc. We offer data analytics and visualization automation tools and lab workflow management systems to facilitate drug R&D.

Electronic Prescription

Minimize medical errors with electronic prescription software

The solution is an e-Prescribing system that stores the data about patients' biometrics, allergies, prescriptions and helps generate electronic orders based on it. This solution simplifies prescriptions and minimizes medication errors.

Patient Engagement Portals

User-friendly & cyber-secure patient engagement portal by Magrasoft

With a user-friendly and cyber-secure Patient Engagement Portal patients can check their lab results, ask for prescription refills, share their medical data with a physician or access all relevant medical data when preparing for a doctor's appointment and much more.
Meanwhile, hospitals can engage with patients through Patient Mobile Apps, communicate with them through voice, text or app notifications. Hospitals may receive patient responses and send them Patient Satisfaction Questionnaires or Polls, uploading the data into any analytics software.
In the US, patient portal implementation is among the required core objectives for Meaningful Use Stage 2. Without a portal, hospitals cannot qualify for incentive payments. In the UK, the government insists that general practices make records available to patients and encourage them to access these records more actively.

Practice Management Systems (PMS)

Improve operational efficiency with practice management systems

PMS is to automate clients' operations, to streamline the most critical processes and to improve operational efficiency with minimal resources. Solution functions include appointment scheduling algorithms, task management systems, patient check-in web/mobile apps and other automation tools.

Hospital Management

Manage all aspects of a hospital with hospital management solution

A comprehensive suite of solutions to help streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve healthcare (Patient Registration, Ward and Bed Management, Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Lab and Radiology Information Systems, Purchasing, Drug/Pharmacy Management, Material Management/Inventory, Billing and Collections, Enterprise Analytics). Any solution we build can have a mobile version or a complementary mobile app. Some Health apps require FDA clearance in which we have long expertise. Our team has experience in building iOS and Android apps, syncing them with the cloud and integrating them with third-party APIs.

Laboratory Information Management (LIM)

Automate laboratory processes with Laboratory Information Software

We build HIPAA and CCHIT compliant LIM systems to thoroughly support your lab's workflow. Our experience in LIM systems for blood banks, anatomic and clinical pathology laboratories, as well as for various kinds of lab tests including microbiology, clinical biochemistry, cytopathology, cytogenetic, and molecular genetics, enables us to support you with any inquiry connected with Laboratory Information Management.
We offer integration with lab instruments and other hardware in laboratories to have access to medical test results from your system within seconds, and to share it with the patient and the doctor instantly. LIM systems can automate laboratory processes including:

  • Data input
  • Quality control
  • Customized reporting
  • Utilization of remote access for patient outreach
  • Other personalized features specific to your needs

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We Follow The Regulations And Guidelines In Healthcare Industry

When developing a healthcare-focused mobile application or solution for wearable devices, it's important to understand the laws around protected health information (PHI), HIPAA compliance and FDA regulations, including:

  • Mobile Medical Applications
  • Medical Devices
  • Meaningful Use Regulations
Industry Standards and Protocols

Our solutions comply with industry regulations and can be easily integrated with third-party systems to ensure successful communications with both internal and external systems.
A set of standards and protocols for exchanging or storing data:

  • ANSI 5010 – a standard to handle all the transactions of healthcare providers
  • HIPAA EDI Standards - for electronic billing, transaction standards, and code sets, so it includes an overview of the steps involved In the Medicare electronic data interchange process
  • HL7 (Health Level 7)
  • CPT- a medical code set maintained by the American Medical Association through the Current Procedural Terminology Editorial Panel
  • ICD-9/ICD-10- medical billing and classification code set issued by the World Health Organization (WHO)
  • LOINC- a database and universal standard for identifying medical laboratory observations. It was developed by the Regenstrief Institute, a US non-profit medical research organizations
  • CCD- electronic document exchange standard for sharing patient summary information
  • CCR- electronic document exchange standard for the creation of electronic summaries of patient health.