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Whether you’re a publication and advertising house, music company, broadcaster, cinematography house, casino or any other type of Media and Entertainment business, we provide solutions specifically designed to manage the challenges faced in your industry. Our cutting-edge technology keeps up with evolution in the media sector.

We Offer a Package of Benefits, so You Can:

  • Maintain current revenue streams
  • Reduce costs and increase flexibility
  • Get a detailed analytics and reporting

Boost Your Business with Solutions We Provide in Media and Entertainment Industry!

Sales and Analyses Measurement

Sales and Analyses Measurement Software by Margasoft

To continue thriving in the competition of new technology era, we build solutions that can help you have a better approach to content distribution, engage an audience, measure sales and automate business processes. Big data analytics solution will be implemented, as well. Sales and Analyses measurement solutions are especially critical for publishing, marketing, advertising, and sport analytics businesses.

Digital Content Streaming

Digital content streaming solution by Margasoft

Streaming content to any device and anywhere is the new reality. We help to create professional webcasts with live streaming production solution which allows combining multiple live video cameras, movies, computer desktops, audio tracks, images and titles for the live webcast or on-demand broadcast.
You can also create video tutorials and demos with screen recording and video editing solutions which simultaneously capture screen activity, video camera, microphone and computer audio allowing you to edit your records and publish final videos to websites or weblogs.
Our Digital content streaming solution also offers social engagement apps for broadcasters, synchronized ad tools, and simultaneous content distribution solutions.

Gaming and Betting

Unique Gaming custom solution by Margasoft

The world is moving online, and if you don't want to get left behind, you need a unique Gaming custom solution. We provide security solution with the best interface and actionable buttons in the gaming and betting community. Our flexible solution maximizes player spend and game revenue while minimizing operational costs. Our expertise in developing complex systems allows us to build predictive analytics apps for casinos, mobile betting and gambling apps, smartwatch apps, and not only.

Production Management & Automation

Production Management & Automation Software by Margasoft

Having your production system anywhere you are, and on any device, you work with is vital, but keeping it safe is of higher importance. We give a full solution of production office automation, including system security, document watermarking, file permissions customization, and not only. Margasoft-built solution provides one secure archival library for all your production documents in an easily searchable platform that both serves as a communication catalog and supports corporate compliance across almost every department in your organization. Real-time production updates will keep you informed of any changes and new tasks via your dashboard with email and mobile options. We provide a solution which reduces physical storage costs.

Movie Screenwriting, Scheduling and Budgeting

Movie Screenwriting, Scheduling and Budgeting Software by Margasoft

Movie making is becoming much more comfortable and funnier with enterprise customized solution. Now screenwriting, scheduling and budgeting can be used from one cloud-based portal in accordance with users’ roles.

  • Screenwriting tool formats movies, television, novels, stage plays and comic books scripts. You can create your stories with templates or customize your ones, navigate and format them to get your stories from concept to screen.
  • Scheduling may cause either a victory or a loss to your production. With the Margasoft solution, you won’t need to follow your tasks manually, as you’ll have a smart answer, which will automatically schedule your activities and notify you.
  • Budgeting software is essential for an ethical decision making. Margasoft-built customized software solution is built to face the complex and demanding issues of Media and Entertainment industry. We’ll help you create and compare budgets for multiple locations, view from varying perspectives, and estimate incentives for productions of all sizes.

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