Margasoft offers litigation tools and software products for document management, time and billing management, matter management, client analysis, legal holds and more. The solutions we provide include but are not limited to the followings:

Run Your Processes With Margasoft Authored Legal Industry Solutions

Firm Management Solutions

Manage your firm with Margasoft authored legal industry solutions
  • User and client portals, collaboration tools, call, web, and video conferencing.
  • Client “self-help” tools that allow clients to perform tasks directly that previously required active participation by firm lawyers.
  • Calendaring and docketing applications to coordinate with court dates, track billable time, automate billing functions, track expenses, schedule tasks, and set reminders.
  • Legal billing applications including custom fee schedules (hourly, flat fee, split fee, contingency, transactional, and user-defined), custom billing rates, automated time capture from the calendar, documents, tasks, and more.
  • Bill preparation applications including low retainer fee notifications, plus payment methods integration including credit, debit, and payment gateways.
  • General ledger applications including electronic IRS tax preparation, financial reporting, client account balances, audit trails, and Interest On Lawyer Trust Accounts (IOLTA) accounting features.

Document Management Software

Review documents with Magrasoft document management software
  • Document review software using predictive coding based on a “seed sample” of documents provided by firm lawyers.
  • Courtroom technology including modules for case history, jury management, subpoena tracking, trial presentations, administrative hearings, appeal boards, deposition management, court reporting.
  • Data identification, preservation, collection, processing, review, production processes and workflows for analyzing Electronically Stored Information (ESI) sources.
  • Legal hold software including custodian identification, interviews, hold notifications and reminders, compliance portals, and other features.

Practice Management Software

Software solution by Margasoft for legal practice management
  • Practice Management Software is an efficient and readily usable knowledge management system that provides lawyers with ready access to the firm’s prior work product.
  • Custom legal software development for practice management, case or matter management, e-discovery, courtroom, and Virtual Law Office (VLO) systems.
  • Centralized databases for all practice management functions including client information, document management, scheduling, calendaring, docketing, time tracking, billing, and accounting.
  • We program access management using Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC), user provisioning, encryption protocols, etc.

Litigation Portfolio Management Solutions

Case or matter management applications by Margasoft
  • Monitor the progress of matters, resource commitments, and budget status in real time on a matter basis.
  • Secure client portals for direct importing of client data, documents, and case or matter files.
  • Case or matter management applications including workflow automation, database search, database import and export, conflict checking, plus support for multiple file formats, file attachments, e-mail correspondence, integrations, and sharing functions.
  • Case or matter management platforms with legal research databases.
  • Client analysis and case analytics features including sophisticated analysis and visualization tools, profitability results calculation into lawyer evaluation and compensation process, automation of reporting, re-analyzing and re-presenting data.

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