Margasoft is a trusted single-source technology provider dedicated to your long-term success.

Margasoft offers technology and services to support a complete process for delivering high-value business solutions. Our unique approach enables us to deliver the right software technology paired with flexible technical services to turn your business strategies into competitive advantage.

Team up with customers

We team up with our customers to solve their business problems, taking the time to listen and learn about your particular business challenges and enterprise goals. At Margasoft, we have a team of talented Business Analysts who cooperate with each of our clients to develop a unique solution that perfectly matches the needs of your company and establishes a ground for strategic advancement!

Building the final solution requires more than software. Margasoft’s strategy is to offer the most comprehensive and secure portfolio of products and services to fit your business needs. Whether you choose a Margasoft Cloud-based model or your private Cloud, our Cloud managed services will help you to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and dynamically adjust capacity levels as your needs change.

Often we are asked to engage in custom software development to replace existing applications or to develop integrations for our products with external party solutions. Our extensive experience allows us to quickly grasp the requirements and come up with unique software solutions for our customers and enhanced integration with third party vendors.

As part of implementation and deployment of our products, we also provide services for smooth adjustment to our software. We are there to support you during the transition process (link to transition support) for making it secure and quick. Our specialists will be actively involved into revealing your preferences to upgrade and transform the existing environment of your company without interrupting the normal workflow or causing inconvenience. Based on company specifications, you will be offered the transition methods that best match your work style.

When you purchase Margasoft services or products, our technical team is available to assist with implementation and deployment for access by end users. Moreover, you receive maintenance post-deployment support (link to Maintenance and Support) to make sure you are convenient with our products at all stages. You will also have access to online support tools, upgrade rights, as well as assistance from our technical support experts.