We see ourselves as a key technology partner for our clients. Therefore, we license our software as a service including, hosting, integration, maintenance and technical support services.

We want our clients to pay one fee that includes everything related to the software and maintenance. So our licensing model is based on subscription term and usage. We measure DataPlay usage by number of concurrent users and number of projects created during the subscription term.

  • For small companies we host DataPlay Cloud within Margasoft Cloud and clients just download the DataPlay Applications or connect to Cloud using DataPlay's Web Portal.
  • For bigger companies or for the companies who have tighter contractual obligation or compliance reasons we provide the DataPlay Subscription services by hosting Private DataPlay Cloud within their local network.

Most popular Licensing Subscriptions are for 3 years and the following packages:

PackageNumber of User ConnectionsProjects per Year
DataPlay 50/72 50 72
DataPlay 75/110 75 110
DataPlay 100/150 100 150