DataPlay Powerpoint Add-In

DataPlay PowerPoint (PPT) Add-In effectively combines industry standard presentation creation features of PPT with the calculation power of Excel to visualize data stored in Dataplay Cloud. DataPlay PPT Add-in enables you to automatically generate presentations with numerous slides accurately visualizing your research findings.

DataPlay Cloud is the main collaboration point and central facility where all the data is stored. DataPlay PPT Add-In allows you to link PPT charts with the data coming from the DataPlay Cloud. DataPlay PPT Add-In is connected to Dataplay Cloud and queries Cloud for different clients/projects to upload/download presentations and templates. Access to DataPlay Cloud is driven by security which is managed through DataPlay Web Portal.

Presentation Generation from Template

DataPlay PPT Add-In has two main working modes: Template mode for creating template based presentation, and Presentation mode for editing presentation. Template mode of PPT Add-in allows to define the analysis framework, including the variables which must be analyzed along with their crossing, filtering and sorting rules in parallel to data collection. Afterwards, the ready Template needs to be connected to the datasource in order to map the virtually created variables to actual data. You can also specify iterator variables on each slide of your PPT Template and when generating a presentation new slide will be created for each value of the iterator variable. 

You can download different types of ready templates from DataPlay Cloud to create visually-stunning presentations for repetitive studies. Finally, you can take advantage of PPT Add-In’s interconnection with Excel and to continue your analysis using robust functionalities of Excel.

Main advantages of DataPlay PowerPoint Add-In include:

  • Integrated security to connect to DataPlay Cloud for data retrieval
  • Ability to share files and collaborate with colleagues and clients
  • Ability to automate presentation generation using analysis template
  • Full support of industry standard editing and designing functions to accurately visualize your research findings
  • Ability to subject the analysis results to further scrutiny using either DataPlay’s or Excel’s statistical calculations