DataPlay Excel Add-In

DataPlay Excel Add-In collaborates with Dataplay Cloud to connect to diverse clients/projects, upload/download various excel workbooks, request different calculations and data stored in the Cloud. Access to DataPlay Cloud is driven by integrated security managed through DataPlay Web Portal. Using DataPlay Web Portal administrators can control users’ rights to upload/open Excel files and use datasources.

DataPlay Excel Add-in can be used as a standalone application or accessed from DataPlay’s PowerPoint Add-in. In both cases DataPlay Excel Add-in retrieves the calculated crossing from DataPlay Cloud and allows users to further manipulate the data using Excel's standard tabular calculations.

Standalone usage of Excel

With its wealth of features, Excel provides perfect setting for data input and manipulation. DataPlay Add-in supplements Excel’s industry standard and well-known statistical analysis capabilities with ability to promptly perform crossings, apply filters (value, P-Value, difference, index, etc.) and calculated columns. Result sets stored in Excel spreadsheets can be managed by various sorting and data visibility options. DataPlay Excel Add-In uses separate Excel spreadsheet for each data crossing. So, you can create an Excel spreadsheet with aggregated calculations of spreadsheets with data from the DataPlay Cloud. This functionality allows you to combine the calculation of data stored in the Cloud with the statistical functions of Excel.

Additionally, you can use the familiar Excel environment to format graphical output or continue analysis using Excel’s numerous built in functions.

Template mode of Calculation

Template mode of Excel Add-in boosts the efficiency of users by automated generation of spreadsheets with calculated data from DataPlay Cloud. You can create virtual variables, along with their calculations logic in Excel spreadsheets. You can also specify iterator variables and default bases for each crossing of variables within the Excel. Afterwards, as soon as you connect data to the template DataPlay will automatically generate the calculations for each category of selected iterator variable in separate Excel spreadsheets and generate the series of spreadsheets in calculated workbook.

DataPlay’s efficient automated reporting is guaranteed to speed up your work and save time for your business.

Key benefits of using DataPlay Excel Add-In:

  • Standalone calculations: crossing, filters, calculated columns
  • Sorting and result set management
  • Easy and quick application of repeater variables and default bases
  • Ability to analyze the data accessed from Cloud with Excel’s robust built in statistical functions
  • Template-based generation of presentations with numerous slides
  • Automation of longitudinal studies which saves time and money