MICMA® - Margasoft Integrated Corporate Management Application, is highly configurable enterprise application, which was built based on Margasoft’s proprietary data structures, algorithms and ideas. MICMA by itself is not a ready software product; it needs to be configured and programmed for specific needs of client to make a final custom-tailored software solution. It requires specific knowledge for configuration, creation of custom object types, web pages, sections, regions, custom properties, reports and other customizations.

Good analogy for MICMA platform is Lego blocks. MICMA is a big collection of proprietary configurable software modules (each module representing a unique Lego block) created to be configured and assembled into final software solution. Due to rich library of modules and advanced way of connecting the blocks together, solutions built using MICMA platform can differ in user interface, data modules, complexity and security - representing completely different software solutions. The MICMA approach allows Margasoft to execute on its vision:

“To empower every business with uniquely tailored software.”

To outline the fundamental felxibility of MICMA we would like to use the analogy of Lego blocks again. Unlike the static figures built by Lego blocks, MICMA based solutions are not static and must function by themselves as a standalone software solutions. So from this perspective MICMA is rather collection of Lego blocks, which after assembling should become a functional toy like a motorized car or a walking robot. This makes MICMA an ideal platform for creating fully functional custom-tailored solutions for our clients.