DataPlay Architecture


DataPlay suite provides automation tools for data analysis, presentation generation and reporting needs of your company. Various DataPlay Applications focus on specific needs of researchers and provide users intuitive tools to automate their everyday work and increase productivity.

DataPlay Cloud

DataPlay Cloud is a central computing engine and storage facility for all DataPlay applications. It enables users to securely share the information and collaborate with colleagues and clients. DataPlay Cloud is securely accessed by all DataPlay applications including the main DataPlay Cloud Management application - the DataPlay Web Portal. Margasoft licenses DataPlay both by creating your Private Cloud within your local network or by licensing DataPlay applications connected to Margasoft’s DataPlay Cloud. Please, refer to our licensing section for more information.

DataPlay Features

DataPlay Applications

DataPlay Web Portal

DataPlay Web Portal is the main online site to manage DataPlay Cloud security, users, clients and projects. DataPlay Web Portal is used for accessing and administering various presentations, templates as well as other DataPlay shared resources. By using the WebPortal you can see and share the presentations and templates grouped by specific projects of clients. Online authoring features of Web Portal allow you to create slides with rich visualization elements delivering more compelling content during your storytelling. Finally, Web Portal can be used for publishing your presentation online and sharing them with your clients.

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DataPlay Analyzer

DataPlay Analyzer is a desktop application with a set of advanced solutions for data conversion and management. DataPlay Analyzer supports import of the major survey formats, including SPSS, IBM Dimensions and Utab. With DataPlay Analyzer you can easily create or merge categories of a variable, group several variables from different datasets and quickly assign default bases. Another component of DataPlay Analyzer, licensed separately, is Association Mining module. Association Mining is a powerful tool for discovering regularities between groups of variables defined by your research objectives. By browsing through result grids you can reveal new patterns you haven’t thought about.

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DataPlay PowerPoint (PPT) Add-In

DataPlay Power Point Add-In is a desktop application, which effectively combines DataPlay’s automation features with industry standard presentation creation environment of PPT. DataPlay PPT Add-In allows users to create templates parallel to data collection and automatically generate hundreds of slides as soon as data is available. PPT Add-In visualizes your analysis results with industry standard PPT charts. The data used as a source for charts is stored in Excel spreadsheets allowing users to benefit from additional statistical analysis features of Excel.

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DataPlay Excel Add-In

DataPlay Excel Add-In can be used as a standalone application or accessed from DataPlay’s PowerPoint Add-In. DataPlay Excel Add-In allows users to combine crossing, calculation and filtering functions of DataPlay Cloud with tabular calculations of Excel. In template mode Excel Add-In allows users to automate series of calculations by specifying iterators and virtual variables in template and then generating the series of worksheets by connecting templates to data source in the DataPlay Cloud.

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