DataPlay Web Portal

DataPlay Web Portal is an integrated all-in-1 tool, which fully meets your analysis, visualization and presentation needs. It is simple, intuitive and can significantly cut your time spent on analysis and presentation of data.



In DataPlay Web Portal you can define your presentation templates parallel to process of collecting the data. Depending on the hypotheses you’d like to test you can specify which variables to cross, filter and sort. As soon as you connect the data to your template DataPlay will automatically generate hundreds of slides containing your defined charts and calculation rules. Your analysis then becomes a simple task of browsing through automatically generated charts validating your hypotheses or finding new patterns.



DataPlay Web Portal arranges slides in presentation in hierarchical structure of three levels. These levels allow you to better categorize slides and improve visualization of data allowing the “drill-down” and traversing through slides in different abstraction layers.

The other important visualization concept of DataPlay Web Portal is data bound charts. All charts in your presentation are connected to same data source. One variable can be used in many different charts with different calculation logic. By updating the data of that variable you can automatically visualize the change in many different charts and slides.

Furthermore, DataPlay Web Portal offers you different chart types to better visualize your data and analysis results. Along with industry standard chart types you can use DataPlay’s specific charts to accurately visualize peculiar data findings.

Finally, in DataPlay you can define storytelling scenario by selecting your desired slides in the order you want to present them.



Once you are ready to present the results of your analysis, you can publish the presentation, and your clients can have instant access to it. DataPlay has an integrated online playing module through which authors can share presentations online and viewers can conveniently browse the slides of the presentation.

The drill-down feature of DataPlay Web Portal allows you to empower your storytelling with interactivity. Your viewers can explore your presentation-story by jumping to their desired slide or drill-down to a specific slide for better understanding of your conclusions.

Your viewers also can re-distribute your published presentation by exporting it to various formats.