MICMA MR 14 Beta Version Released

Posted: Friday, May 16, 2014

On Thursday, May 15, we finished work and released MICMA MR 14 . A more intuitive interface, better integration features and more simplicity made this release unique. A well-planned and tested configuration system allows for modifications to be made at any stage of implementation, even after the full transition and choice of features. The new release has better adaptability and makes the transition smoother. MICMA MR is rich in features to facilitate document circulation, to make research more reliable and to reduce erroneous data. It allows several researchers to work at the same project simultaneously, supports audio and video formats, and has a higher cross-study consistency.
Improved operational performance will now ensure complete visibility and control for every step of the research and internal processes. Real-time monitoring and automated escalations keep processes moving and on schedule all the time.

The reporting feature offers insight into the analyzed data. Research was made more visual, with more detailed and classified statistics.
We also increased processing speed and quality by ensuring the task assignment feature works ideally. It gives access and storage to task-relevant information from multiple systems and guides employees through their work.